On Clojure And Life

by Eduardo Díaz

Learner, Developer, Doer. I am edu. I like Clojure. I like hash maps.

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The new revenge of the nerds

It’s been a while since Paul Graham wrote his revenge of the nerds an essay exploring the differences between lisps and other languages, in it he explores 9 ideas that were originated in lisps and were gradually copied to other languages (or maybe reinvented) in the last 40 years.

The last 2 ideas are still unique to Lisp:

  • A notation for code using trees of symbols and constants. (Code is data)
  • The whole language there all the time.

What Paul meant by the whole language being there the whole time, is that even when reading or compiling your program you can execute your own code, this idea combined with the idea that your code is data gives you the ability to change code as it is read or compiled this is what gives us Lisp’s macros!

The interesting bit is that language designers want to be able to modify their own code at compile time more and more, and at last there are...

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Choosing your path to happiness

I assume that most of us are looking for happiness, or at least most of us say so.

But, what is happiness? and… how do we get there?

I guess everyone has a very different idea of what happiness is, for you it might be to party like crazy. For some other it might be to read a good book while having coffee. For some other it might be to achieve some important goal.

A lot of us believe that happiness is heavily tied to the decisions we make, I used to believe that. But nope, that’s not the case (according to me).

Real happiness lies in how you react to whatever happens. Things rarely go the way you want or plan. When you make decisions you are more or less gambling, and what happens has a lot to do with chance.

Of course you can influence the outcome, but your happiness shouldn’t be tied to it.

You don’t know if tomorrow will bring lots of problems, in a blink of...

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Nutch + Solr Indexing Filters

I have been working a little with Nutch and Solr recently. Great products but it seems that there’s not a lot of information, so as soon as I needed to do something a little bit more specific I found myself going through the source code.


It was quite pleasant, I found a way to do what I was looking for quite easily and include it as a plugin. It seems to me that Nutch has a solid and well thought architecture. Too bad that documentation is not great, but hey let’s try to do something to fix that.

So first of all, let met describe the problem. I want to index a bunch of sites and use Solr for search. Easy, right? Not quite. I am very picky and want to index only very specific sites.

After a little bit of searching through the code I found the org.apache.nutch.indexer.IndexingFilter interface, it seems that with that interface I can drop whatever I don’t find interesting or...

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Failure as a success driver

Perspective is a very interesting thing.

Yesterday I was talking to a very good friend when she expressed her opinion that I am an awesome engineer, and have great success.

That was an amazing thing, since from my point of view I’m full of failure.

She asked me what was my secret for being as successful as I am. And it suddenly became very clear to me, so I answered: “Failure”.

So, how can failure be a driver for success?

In my case, when I was graduating from university, having worked since I was a teenager with computers I felt like I was the best programmer ever. I went out there and started working, like I was a gift to the world and I could solve every world problem.

This is, I guarantee, a recipe for disaster. I had some great failures. And they greatly hurt my self esteem and my confidence in myself.

That’s just half of it. I had a dream to work in...

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I am edu

My name is Eduardo Díaz and I a developer from Mexico City. This is supposed to be an introduction to who I am, so here is the important stuff:

  • I know almost nothing about how anything works (at some given level of detail).
  • I want to know how almost everything works (at a very specific level of detail, if possible).
  • I have a freakingly annoying need to see people happy (if you are important for me, even more so).
  • I have no idea what I’m doing.
  • I like the JVM and Clojure.
  • I am a Dr. Who fan.

Not a lot more to say, contact or follow me at @iamedu

And please, be very happy.

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